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Friday Apr 18


 Pálinka in Budapest

Pálinka is good for health and it can be made out of anything.
The Hungarian magic shot has been in the Carpathian Basin for hundreds of years and it’s officially Hungarian property according to international law.
Its fame is mainly due to its fruity taste and its wonderful effect on the human body and a huge cult has been built around it during the past years.
We visited the best pálinka places in Budapest.


Eat your breakfast all day long in Budapest!

We took a long, long tour for a couple of days around Budapest full of caffeine and taste in order to collect those places, where you can have a delicious breakfast all day long! We started off the expedition with a few goals: to find prime meals, well-baked pastries, real Hungarian, or international specialties. The list has become quite long for a reason, since all of these places deserve to be here.
Good morning, good afternoon, enjoy your meal!


The superlatives of Budapest

Because of its size and population, Budapest is the number one city in Hungary.
However, there are several other biggest, longest and oldest things in it that we might not even know about.

If you want to know which pub opened first, or where the top of the Hungarian capital is, keep reading!



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Christmas time in Budapest is all about fairy lights, mulled wine, outdoor ice rinks, illuminated avenues, and a wide variety of Christmas fairs. To help you navigate in the labyrinth of the heaps of urban winter fun provided by Hungary's capital, we've collected a trio of must-dos and a duo of mustn't dos.



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